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About ATN

Maurison Communication Limited is a 100% wholly Nigerian indigenous private company incorporated in 2003. The company has a 3-prong line of business-ICT, events, and media.

It has established and operated several internet centers across the country. Maurison is still one of the major events management organizations with high profile shows to her credit as well as parading state of the arts equipment in the sector.

Her media engagement commenced in 2003 with the establishment of Wish Newspaper, and 2005 – Wish International Magazine. In 2008, the company ventured into electronic media by applying for license to operate a radio channel and procure equipment to show its readiness and determination.

This entrepreneurial spirit was betrayed, sabotaged, and frustrated following refusal to grant her the license. This affected the organization negatively and her investment was tied down, lying waste.

In 2017, the company employed a strategic acquisition which led to the establishment of WISH 99.5 FM Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s business radio, and has continued to dominate the broadcasting sphere.

The company announced that it is establishing a Television station in 2020 and true to fact, in January 2021, the world woke up to herald the evolution of ATLANTIC TELEVISION NETWORK (ATN), a state-of-the-art digital station.

Maurison Communication has changed the narratives in many spheres through its determination to continuously provide platforms that will enable mankind to actualize their potentials.

To provide a platform that will pursue truth, and become a voice for the voiceless

To present the people with real on-time, in-depth and unbiased news, analysis, and stories that will continuously uphold the tenets of human dignity and satisfaction.

Our Core values are:
  • Commitment,
  • Credibility,
  • Objectivity and
  • Professionalism.

Our Code of Conduct is the creed to performance. It outlines the set of guidelines and rules we rigorously observe in order to attain our determination to achieve excellence.

It is our strategic guide in broadcasting that regulates ATN relationship network in all fronts. To this end, we must uphold professional journalistic standards, ethos and values through:

A. freedom of the press.

B. guarantee of objectivity, credibility and professionalism.

C. ensure the people gets value in our broadcasts.

D. create robust, cordial and cosy relationships amongst the people.


What the people say

See what people say about us and our wide array of content

"We thank God that we are part of this history, it is our prayer that this business succeeds and grow from strength to strength"

- Rt. Hon. Austin Adiele Opara – Former Deputy Speaker, House of Reps..

"Today we have been inform of your 1st class equipment. It is the prayer of the speaker and all the honorable members that, this group (Maurison Communications Limited) will continue to expand until you reach all over the globe"

- Rt. Hon. Gideon Gwani – Minority Whip, Representing Rt. Hon. Speaker, House Of Representatives (9th Assembly).

"I want to assure you of our partnership. This fantastic station that I know will make the impact, not only in Nigeria but all over the world"

- Dr. Yemi Bamgbose – Executive Secretary, Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria (BON).

"We are not in doubt that you are fully ready to inform, educate and use your medium for the mobilization of your viewers and listeners and for the general good of the country. The commission is proud of to be associated with Maurison Communications Limited and look forward to your contribution to the growth of the broadcast industry"

- Susan Obi – Director, Inestigation & Enforcement, Representing National Broadcasting Commission Director-GeneralDirector, Inestigation & Enforcement, Representing National Broadcasting Commission Director-General.

"We are delighted to felicitate with Maurison Communications Limited. This laudable initiative will play a major role in the development of Rivers state and environs and indeed impact national development"

- Dr Olalekan Fadolabo – Rep., Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria.

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