Our Programmes
Is the platform ATN provided for the convergence of media practitioners to discuss and dissect trending issues, news and current affairs of the day with a view to provide a narrative different from political affiliation. It runs 8-9pm week days.
Concise delivery of political discussions on issues around and on the 2023 elections. It x-rays political debates across party lines and enhance citizens participation via live audience interface with aspirants, candidates, politicians and political stakeholders across board.
Inter party issues and party politics, governance and more will be the focus.
ATN 2023 elections will be a meeting point between the people and the contestants in the 2023 election.
Is a primed excellent entertainment show covering all genre of the industry. It has a focus to entertain, inform and provide mental relaxation where and necessary.
ATN ICON is a show designed to show case personalities who have taken the lead in the society in different strata of human endeavor and present them as role models.
The program is designed to interact with these high individuals and explore their tipping points in society as people worthy to be emulated towards building a better society.
This is ATN’s Magazine programming on issues about the society through news, events and stories with live interviews by reporters, analysis by stakeholders and opinion by experts. Sectors /Areas of interest to this show include human angle, environment, climate change, technology, community, security, justice, crime, cities and celebration.
ATN uses this programme to ventilate societal issues, give them aggregate attention with a view to proffer solutions that will benefit humanity.
This programme runs Mondays – Sundays by 12Noon – 1pm.
These are the network’s flagship political platforms through which trending political news, events and stories are discussed with stakeholders, experts and ATN Reporters.

Through these conversations, ATN uses political talks about specific issue, party system and actor to explore hope and engender positive impact to the society. The conversation is insightful to improve political debate that will engender a better society.

The conversation runs 10a-11:30am on weekdays as Open Conversation

2:30-3:30pm as ATN Politics and 10a-12 noon (Sundays) as open Air.
News, events and stories from over 200 countries of the world are presented through the foreign desk. The anchors ensure that the real on time news are packaged for the viewing pleasure of the people.
Primetime Advocacy is engendering a synergy to X-ray society, regulatory framework and institutions, share knowledge and expertise across sectors, promote the issues among key audience to foster informed and long term view of the micro and macro policies, as well as advise on issues of the day through engineered collaborative understanding.

Primetime Advocacy ventilate conversations to confront negative effects and remove uncertainty in development narrative.
The all important role of Sports in societal unification is becoming unprecedented. ATN has therefore devoted Programmes in the sporting sector to continuously ensure the unity and oneness of human race.
The Network’s programme rounds up the news, speculation, gossips and exclusive conversations about sporting activities.To this end, diverse conversations are endangered through:
SPORTS TALK: ATN review and analysis on topical trending sports issues.
SPORTS JUNCTION: Headline presentation of trending sports news, events and stories.
SPORTS EXTRAORDINARY: ATN report strategy is deployed in the sports sector as in-depth real-on-time report, stakeholders analysis and experts’ opinion on trending sports issues.
WEEKEND SPORTS TALK: 2 hours of in-depth preview and analysis of sports activities for the weekend with analysts in live appearances and virtual means.
WEEKEND SPORTS EXTRAORDINARY: 2 hours of in-depth review and analysis on sports activities trending at the weekend, and preview of activities for the week ahead in live appearances and virtual means.
The Federal, 36 States and Federal Capital Territory, and 774 Local Governments constitute the three tiers or levels of government in Nigeria.
The Federal Government has the legislature (National Assembly comprised of Senate( Red Chamber with 109 members), and House of Representatives (Green Chambers with 360 members) Executive Arm led by the President wiith his council of ministers and over 800 ministries, departments and agencies, and the judiciary with different cadre of courts.
At the state level, the above structure is replicated, whereas in the local government level; the judiciary is in the control of the state. News, events and stories abound in the state system. ATN’s appetite for in-depth unbiased and factual reportage is driving principle for this programme in order to bring government activities to the door step of the people. It runs weekdays 4:30 – 5:30pm and 4pm – 5pm weekends.
Children as leaders of tomorrow has a place in the development narrative of ATN.This programme is packaged to cater for the toddlers, adolescents, and teenagers.It runs 5:30-6pm weekdays, while weekend edition is
This programme is aimed at bringing to the doorstep of viewers, the business, financial and economic activities from all strata of society.
Is a syndicated live programme of the Network, featuring news casting and conversation on special interest topics, news, events and stories through correspondents’ reports, experts, opinions, and stakeholders’ analysis.
The concept of the show starts with Chit-Chatting between the anchors about trending issues through an unscripted format conversation among the anchors from all our studios. It is followed by reading of major news and continues with conversation with guests in the studios and virtual means.
It runs 7a-9am weekdays, While the Saturday and Sunday editions is 7am – 10am and follows the same concept and style but has musical, fashion, food, health and life style topics as well as celebrity performances.
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