Submarine Cable Repair May Take Two Weeks-Main One.

Submarine Cable Repair May Take Two Weeks-Main One.

Submarine cable company, MainOne says it may take up to two weeks to repair undersea cable cut which disrupted internet services in Nigeria, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Senegal, and other West African and East African countries since Thursday.

The company said the cause of the network outage was as a result to a fault on the MainOne network.

The firm stated that Preliminary findings and further investigations revealed that the fault occurred due to an external incident that resulted in a cut on the submarine cable system, in the Atlantic Ocean offshore Cote D’Ivoire, along the coast of West Africa.

Since Thursday, telecommunications subscribers and bank users have been stranded as the disruption paralysed digital transactions and internet communications.

In an update, the company said actions have been taken to mobilise a vessel to expeditiously repair the cable in the deep ocean.

MainOne said restoration capacity for temporary relief would be made available for customers.



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