Governor Alia Stops Night Burial, Public Misconduct.

Governor Alia Stops Night Burial, Public Misconduct.

Benue state Governor Reverend Father Hyacinth Alia says it is now an offence for families who lost their loved ones to hold burials and other forms of programmes beyond 10 pm in Benue State.

The state Governor has also prohibited farming on empty unfenced plots of land in front of any premises on the street, or by the roadside within urban areas during night time in the state.

Governor Alia disclosed this when he signed an Executive Order establishing the Department of Public Order in the Ministry of Justices to coordinate Government policies and matters relating to public order, adding that, he inherited a state characterized by widespread criminality and political violence such as kidnappings, murders, and intimidation against targeted groups or individuals leading to the emergency of local warlords and militia groups.

According to the Governor, any breach of the prescribed public rules will amount to a sanction not less than N20,000 and not more than N500,000  fine or imprisonment depending on the gravity of the offense.

The governor who was represented by his deputy, Sam Odeh, said the proscribed public misconduct included, “disobedience to traffic rules, child labour, and exploitation, all forms of prostitution, indiscriminate dumping of refuse on road dividers, as well as open defecation, and urination, demanding of marching ground levy from developers, building on water channels or structures, including kiosks, shanties on the right of way, hawking or selling of goods of any kind by the roadside or on the road.

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