Dozens Arrested At Universities Across US Over Gaza.

Dozens Arrested At Universities Across US Over Gaza.

Many people were arrested at college campuses across the US as student protests against the war in Gaza.


Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein was among those detained by police, and Protestors are demanding institutions boycott companies and individuals with ties to Israel, while, some Jewish students have complained about alleged anti-Semitism from some demonstrators.


A spokesperson for Ms Stein said, she was among those to have been arrested at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, while, the Green Party presidential candidate was not currently believed to be facing charges.


California State Polytechnic became the latest to announce it would move to remote teaching, while, the protests have seen in-person teaching cancelled and graduation ceremonies postponed.


At Northeastern University in Boston, over 100 protesters were arrested for trespassing by the Massachusetts State Police after refusing to clear their tents from college grounds.

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