Houthis speaks on US, UK strike 36 targets in Yemen

Houthis speaks on US, UK strike 36 targets in Yemen

Houthis says they will respond after US and UK strike 36 targets across 13 locations in Yemenwho are backed by Iran, and started targeting commercial vessels in the Red Sea in November, disrupting global supply chains.

Shipping companies have stopped using the Red Sea, which usually carries almost 15% of global seaborne trade, and are using a much longer route around southern Africa, while, the Houthis say they are targeting Israeli-linked ships in solidarity with the Palestinians; however, many attacked vessels have had no connection to Israel.

UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said the latest strikes were "not an escalation", and the Houthis' attacks on vessels in the Red Sea were "illegal and unacceptable" and he joint strikes come after the US targeted 85 locations in Syria and Iraq in response to a deadly drone attack on a US military base in Jordan

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