CSOs call for thorough scrutiny of members of Parliament for better representation.
CSOs call for thorough scrutiny of members of Parliament for better representation.

 Civil society organizations has called on Nigerians to properly scrutinize those they will vote into the 469 seats in the Nigerian Parliament for proper representation.

Speaking during a briefing with members of the House of Representatives Press Corps, the Executive Director of OrderPaper, Oke Epia who observed that attention is focused on the Presidential and Gubernatorial election said Nigerians may suffer a less optimal service delivery in the next dispensation if they do not pay attention to those who become members of the National Assembly  on the basis of merit or performance in the case of returning lawmakers.

According to Epia,the concept of representative democracy , the legislature is the first and foremost arm of government, and plays a crucial role in the sustenance of democracy.

He stated that from 2011, 2015, and 2019 up till now 2023, there has been an increasing appetite among the citizenry to participate in the electoral process, essentially because they are not properly informed about the legislative elections as well as the duties and obligations of lawmakers,describing this as  a major challenge.

Other Members  who also spoke at the briefing  further noted that  awareness among eligible voter about candidates aspiring to become members of the  National Assembly is very low.

They said research shows that bout 0.23% of the lawmakers have nothing close to an articulated manifesto.
He further urged  Nigerians to take advantage of the list released by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC to scrutinize the candidates seeking their votes.

The 10th National Assembly will be inaugurated in four months' time and on the eve of the country's 25th democratic day anniversary.

 Nigerians are therefore called upon to give more attention to understand the real functions the Parliament, which include lawmaking, oversight, and representation.
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