2023 ELECTIONS: APC won’t lose sleep over PDP alliance talks
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Contrary to speculations that the ongoing talks between the Peoples’ Democratic Party and unnamed 11 other opposition political parties will generate tension in the camp of the All Progressives Congress, an analyst, Mr. Ebenezer Oyetakin has said the APC will lose sleep over the development.


Mr. Oyetakin stated this which featuring on ATN Politics. According to him, the talks is aimed at creating a sensation of volume, which will amount to nothing.


According to him, “Those who are politically versatile both within the PDP and APC they understand that this card flying about negotiation between 11 political parties cannot give APC sleepless night.”


He said political alliances have never helped any political party in the country to win elections and ongoing alliance talk will not be different.


He said, “The political talking that the PDP is talking about is coming virtually too late because the elections are already on our doorsteps. What are the arrangement? What are the voting partners? The 11 they talk about are having their presidential candidates listed already in the ballot.”


He said with the election around the corner, the talks are coming too late.


“As a political player and spectator in Nigerian system of things, I have the knowledge that alliances have never made the difference in the political fortune of any political party in Nigeria. That was exactly what informed the APC going into political merger,” he said.


The Deputy National Publicity of the PDP, Ibrahim Abdullahi, has confirmed that the PDP is in talks with 11 other opposition parties for a possible alliance to wrestle power from APC. 

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