Parliament Endorses President’s Resignation.

 Parliament Endorses President’s Resignation. 

Vietnam’s parliament has approved the resignation of President Vo Van Thuong, the latest high-profile leader to fall as the communist country.

The ruling Communist Party said, that Thuong had quit after barely a year in the job, saying he was guilty of unspecified “violations and shortcomings”.

The National Assembly, a rubber-stamp body voted to dismiss Thuong in a closed session at an extraordinary meeting, while, the Vietnam has long prized stability and careful management of political change, but this has been upended by a wide-ranging crackdown on corruption, believed to be orchestrated by party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong , and seen as the most powerful figure in the country.

US President Joe Biden’s administration wants to massively expand business investment in Vietnam to help it develop a high-tech sector to wean the American economy off its dependence on China, and it appeared that factions within the Communist Party are already jockeying for position ahead of the crucial party congress in 2026.




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