Border Communities Lament Influx Of Refugees.

Border Communities Lament Influx Of Refugees.

Many borderline communities in Obanliku and Obudu LGAs in the Northern Senatorial District of Cross River State have lamented the continual influxes of refugees from Cameroon, as well as incessant encroachments on their farmlands by people from Benue State.

They expressed the worry during a town hall meeting attended by key stakeholders, such as paramount rulers, clan heads, village heads, youth groups and heads of security institutions in the district.

Director-General of the Cross River State Border Commission, Onun Ngim Okpo, met with them as the state government continues the conduct of Baseline Survey/Needs Assessment of border communities.

The stakeholders particularly emphasized that the encroachments into their farmlands had often potentially led to communal conflicts with their neighbours.

Director-General assured swift government intervention aligned with the people-centric leadership style of Senator Prince Bassey Otu.



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