Vaughan Gething Elected Wales’ First Black Minister.

Vaughan Gething Elected Wales’ First Black Minister.

Vaughan Gething has won the Welsh Labour leadership election, paving the way for him to become Wales’ first black First Minister. 50-year-old Gething was born in Zambia.

He will officially become First Minister next week.

He deposes incumbent leader Mark Drakeford.

Drakeford has been in the role since 2018 and announced plans to resign late last year, DailyMail reported.

The economy minister and former solicitor will become the country’s fifth leader since the National Assembly for Wales. The assembly, established in 1999, is now called the Senedd.

Also, Vaughan Gething was the first black person to become a cabinet minister in Wales, one of the United Kingdom’s devolved governments.

The polls had only Labour members and linked groups, like trade unions, voting.

Mr Gething overcame competition from education minister Jeremy Miles. Also, he had the backing of most of the large unions and Lord Kinnock, who led the UK party from 1983 to 1992.

As Mr Gething was elected, he took time to praise his predecessor and competitor.

Vaughan Gething thanked Mr Drakeford for his role in making Wales feel ‘safer’ at the ‘hardest of times’.


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