Govt. Bans Beauty Contests Over Extortion, Others

Govt. Bans Beauty Contests Over Extortion, Others

All forms of beauty contests have been banned in Abia State following repeated reports of extortion and sexual exploitation of participants.

The ban was made known by Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Entertainment and Tourism, Okey Justice Martins at a press briefing in Umuahia.

Martins announced that organizers of such events must be certified and screened by the Abia State government to confirm the veracity of their claims and ensure they comply with set guidelines before being allowed to conduct such shows.

Martins claimed that some individuals are taking advantage of Abia girls in the name of pageantry, make unfulfilled promises as well as pimp them out to wealthy men in the state, thereby jeopardizing their careers while seeking to wear a crown.





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