Naira Scarcity
Protests rock Warri, Ibadan over fuel, naira scarcity

As the hardship induced by the scarcity of Naira notes and fuel continues to linger, some Nigerians who could no longer contain their displeasure have resorted to protests and destruction of certain public facilities. 

The protest which rocked major cities like Warri in Delta State and Ibadan the capital city of Oyo state on Friday, February 3, 2022, was turned into violence as protesters in Ibadan resorted to the destruction of Automated Teller Machines and infrastructures belonging to Wema Bank over their inability to access cash. 

On the other hand, the protesters in Warri barricaded the popular Warri/Sapele road while lamenting the effects of the scarcity of both the naira notes and fuel.

Reacting to this, A public affairs analyst, Garba, Usman Gero who appeared on ATN Society Watch lamented the level of hardship Nigerians are currently going through. 

According to him, "Nigerians are one of the most peaceful people on earth, because, when you look at the situation of things on ground, the issue of the naira, the issue of the fuel, these things are enough to create a lot of confusion in the system.

"The situation we have in the south is far better than what we have in the North, so, probably the inaction in the North or maybe the lack of serious protest that you see in the North could be due to the nature of the people. I tell you, the situation is so pathetic." He added.

Garba narrated the ordeal of business men and women who are worst hit by the scarcity of the Naira in the North. He said, "Gentle men and ladies go to the market, they have their commodities, they can't sell. It's so annoying. People have their monies in the banks, they can't have access to them. I mean, there can be no better way to register such anger than the protest.

I think that despite whatever, CBN and the Federal Government's intention may be good, really, but, the way they go about it is the very problem that we have. For instance, in Kano, businesses have been grounded, you can imagine, you go to the market, you can't sell. 

We are going back to the stone age and trade by barter is what is going on there, and you know one of the drawbacks of trade by barter, when you have a commodity you want to sell, and you have not seen someone that wants that your commodity, at the end of the day, you may end up going back with your commodity.

So, the protest in Warri and other parts of the country is within the rights of the people. I am not supporting anarchy, but I tell you that it is because of the patience of Nigerians, else, by now there would have been protests across the country. It is so pathetic, people are hungry and angry and tired."

He urged the CBN and the Federal Government to tackle this early enough so that it doesn't snowball into a bigger crisis.

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