BSUTH Lay To Rest 74 Unclaimed Corpses.

BSUTH Lay To Rest 74 Unclaimed Corpses.

Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Makurdi has buried 74 unclaimed corpses in its morgue.

The 74 unclaimed corpses were evacuated and buried by the men of the Benue State Sanitation Agency.

Governor Hyacinth Alia of the State who gave the order for immediate evacuation and burial of the corpses expressed appreciation to Alia for his prompt action that necessitated the quick disposal of the bodies, most of which have been in the mortuary for up to five years.

Chief Medical Director of BSUTH, Dr. Terungwa Hwande said, the dangers posed by the corpses to the hospital community which includes serious public health hazards as potential sources of epidemic as mutant diseases could have emanated from them, while, urging the hospital to follow due process in ensuring the evacuation of the corpses as adverts were placed in the print and electronic media.

Dr Hwande also said, letters were also written to security and other relevant ministries and agencies to perform their respective roles in the evacuation and burial of the corpses.DP/KG

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