Reps passes for a second reading bill to regulate donor agencies.
Reps passes for a second reading bill to regulate donor agencies.

The House of Representatives has passed for second reading a bill for an act to establish donor agencies regulatory commission and for Related Matters

 The bill which was sponsored by Hon Unyime Idem seeks to establish the regulatory commission to strengthen donor agencies and their capacity to effect positive change. 

Leading the debate on the bill,Hon Unyime  commended donor agencies who have continued to aid Nigerians in such important sectors as healthcare delivery and poverty alleviation

He however stressed the need to account for the finances coming into the country and how they are expended by receiving agencies and bodies,adding that there is need to track the application of such funds.

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Hon Unyime Idem,
Federal Lawmaka,Akwa-Ibom State.

Member who spoke in opposition to the bill argued that the proposed legislation is against civil society organisations and therefore should not be allowed to see the light of the day.

Some.other Lawmakers  spoke in favour of the bill , pointing out some shady actions of some of the donor agencies that benefits from those funds,urging lawmakers to look critically at the true intention of the bill.

The bill was however passed for second reading when put to a voice vote and referred to the House Committee on Civil Society and Development Partners for further legislative input.

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