In an effort to regulate the operational environment of the Civil Society Organizations in Nigeria, the steering committee on the civil society regulatory environment is organizing a 3 days national conference to enhance legitimacy, transparency, accountability, and shoring up public trust of CSOs in Nigeria. 

The conference aims to provide a platform for dialogue and understanding of collective perspectives by stakeholders on appropriate instruments of regulation among others.

In recent time the federal government set out to regulate the sector a decision viewed by the actors in the sector as one capable of putting the CSOs in a disadvantage position.

Mr Edosa Oviawe during an interactive section with journalist said it is the conference among other things is to increase broad public awareness of the role of CSOs and the need for an enabling regulatory environment to protect the sector from repressive legislation.

While speaking to Atlantic Television the chairman national technical committee on civil society self-regulations Mr Harry Udoh shared more light on the importance of CSOs and why the conference is apt at this time.

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