Ezza North Youths Vow To Retire Old Politicians.

Ezza North Youths Vow To Retire Old Politicians.

Ahead of the forthcoming council and Councillorship elections, youths of the Ezza North local government Area of Ebonyi state have vowed to retire old and selfish politicians to pave the way for the younger generations.

Ebonyi State Independent Electoral Commission, had fixed July 20th, 2024 for the conduct of Local government Election in the state.

They lamented that the old politicians were responsible for bad governance in Ezza North local government, stressing that they would do everything humanly possible not to elect such persons to be at the helm of affairs in the local government area election.

They made their position known during their visit to the state Commissioner for Environment, Victor Chukwu to prevail on him to vie for the local government election.

The youths who were led by their National President, EmekaNwokporo and Publicity Secretary, Polycarp Obinna Alegu, lamented that Ezza North local government Area has always been disadvantaged and afflicted with leadership malady which they said was why it is the most underdeveloped in the state without any meaningful project for people.



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