The UPU youth wing president expresses displeasure in the recent protest in Ughelli.
UPU youth wing

Not less than 12 trucks and one military vehicle were destroyed as angry youths stormed the streets of Otovwodo, a suburb of Ughelli in Delta state to protest the arrest of over 96 youths in Ughelli and Warri, two commercial cities in the oil rich Delta state.

Besides the trucks and military vehicle destroyed, not less than 20 youths were also reportedly injured in the melee that sprang up following the violence orchestrated by the arrest of the youths who have been whisked to Port Harcourt by operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)

Efemena Umukoro, youth president of Urhobo Progress Union, who briefed news men on Tuesday night, disclosed that the protest happened in the twin cities of Ughelli and Warri simultaneously, a development which led to fatalities among youths and the destruction of properties in Ughelli.

According to Umukoro, the protest was started by unknown group of youths who claimed to be aggrieved by the action of EFCC officials. He added that the EFCC operatives stormed Warri and Ughelli a few days ago and indiscriminately arrested over 96 youths.

He said though the UPU youth wing leadership condemned the indiscriminate arrest of youths, he also condemned the acts of his people who transferred their aggression on properties of innocent persons who are striving to make ends meets and take care of their children. He said destruction of government and private properties is not the right way to go.

He added that as the ethnic youth president, he condemns the harassment of the youths, but people should also not take laws into their hands by destroying and looting legitimate business of people. 

He called on the EFCC operatives to carry out their duties according to law, saying indiscriminate harassment of people should be discouraged. He also said the EFCC officials should employ the same energy to face Nigerian politicians who have stolen and continue to steal the wealth of Nigerians and bring them to justice.

The Urhobo youth president told news men that his group is on top of the situation, adding that he will be heading to the EFCC office in Port Harcourt to facilitate the release of the young persons illegally arrested.

Comrade Unukoro advised all residents, especially youths to remain indoors and discontinue every act that could escalate the tensed atmosphere in the town.

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