Ukraine Stops Russian Missile Attacks Against Kyiv.

Ukraine Stops Russian Missile Attacks Against Kyiv.

Ukraine says it has intercepted 31 missiles launched by Russia at Kyiv overnight, while, 17 people, including a child, were injured by falling debris, four of whom are in hospital.


It is the largest Russian attack in weeks and follows a vow from Moscow for revenge over recent attacks by Ukraine on its border regions and the attack prompted Ukraine's President Volodymr Zelensky to renew his call for more military aid from Western allies.


Several explosions were heard throughout Kyiv shortly before dawn as its anti-missile defence systems shot the rockets down, while, Debris fell in the Podilsky, Shevchenkivskyi and Sviatoshyn disctricts, causing fires on the roofs of a power transformer, several residential buildings and cars.


The head of the city military administration Serhiy Popko said, some windows had been blown out in the shockwaves, and as a result of successful combat operations, all enemy missiles were shot down over Kyiv and on the approaches to the capital.

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