Aggrieved Citizens Want Tougher Laws On Violence Against Women.

Aggrieved Citizens Want Tougher Laws On Violence Against Women.   

Aggrieved citizens want tougher laws on violence against women across Australia in response to a wave of recent violence against women.

The Demonstrators said, they want gender-based violence to be declared a national emergency and stricter laws put in place to stop it.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the issue was a national crisis, adding that, in Australia, women were killed on average of every four days.

Responding to calls by protestors for violence against women to be classified as a national emergency, Albanese said, the classification was normally used during floods or bushfires to release a temporary injection of cash.


But Australia's federal attorney general, Mark Dreyfus, has rejected holding a royal commission into gender-based violence, and has repeatedly called gender-based violence an epidemic but it's not new: adding that, in 2021, marches took place across the country over allegations of sexual misconduct within the Government, while, in all, 27 women have been killed in the first 119 days of 2024, following data compiled by the campaign group.

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