2023 ELECTION AFTERMATH: Analyst urges Seconduct to stop casting aspersion, objectively critise INEC

An analyst Dr. Proper Edoja has urged a former National Chairman of the PDP, Uche Secondus to refrain from casting aspersion on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


Dr. Edoja gave the charge on ATN politics while commenting on the allegation by Chief Secondus that INEC is on a mission to destroy Nigeria’s democracy. Dr. Edoja charged the former PDP boss to objectively critise the INEC, adding that the flaws observed during the elections were due to resistance to change by politicians.


“That INEC is distroying Nigeria, I totally disagree with that. He should rather put his prayer to strategic criticism. More positive criticism. A change has been initiated, it has been giving a legal framework, that it is not working smoothly as it were, is as a result of resistance,” he said.


He said the changed introduce by INEC to improve on the 2023 general election took Nigerian politicians by surprise, hence, their resolve to sabotage the process.


He said, “Were Nigerians politicians at peace with the change that was initiated? No. They didn't know that this is the document they were signing into law. They didn't know that this is the extent the document will be affecting their ambition when the presidency was giving his assent.”


Secondus, who clocked 68-year yesterday, said he was spending his birthday anniversary in supplication to God to save this country from the atrocities of INEC.

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