2023: Makinde Lambast APC, Says Party is Dead in Oyo State
Gov Seyi Makinde of Oyo State

Road To 2023: Seyi Makinde lambaste APC, says Party is dead in Oyo state 

GOVERNOR Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, yesterday, lambasted the All Progressives Congress, APC in the state, saying the political agenda and candidates of the party were dead on arrival as far as the state was concerned. 

The governor, in a statement by PDP’s Publicity Secretary in the state, Akeem Olatunji, described Oyo APC as not only laughable, but also devoid of any atom of shame, empathy, and remorse for the pain, emotional and psychological trauma caused the people of the state for eight interrupted years. 

Reacting to these statement by Governor Seyi Mekinde, is Social Commentator and author, Dr Didi Orike who appeared on ATN'S open conversation. 

He said there is no need for Politicians to campaign when the Nation is at War with Natural Disasters like Flood. 

He said "If I were Buhari, I will tell all the presidential Candidates, and the campaigners to stop for the next two or three weeks, because the nation is at war and this war is feasible with natural disasters like flood, which has ravaged some areas like kogi, Benue, Niger, and Orashi region of Nigeria. If these candidates go out for Campaigns in these areas, who are they going to campaign to, what will they tell the people in those areas who are internally displaced by the flood. This is war because people are displaced by flood, so what the government should do now, is to settle down, take this situation as physical war instead having  Political campaigns this Period.

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