President Raisi Warns Israel Against Reprisal Attack.

President Raisi Warns Israel Against Reprisal Attack.

Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi, has once again issued a stern warning to Israel against mounting a reprisal attack following Iran’s recent air assault.

Raisi said, the slightest action” by Israel against Iran’s national interests “will have extensive and painful consequences.

This is coming after Israel has repeatedly warned Iran of a military response to its large-scale attack, in which hundreds of drones and missiles were fired towards Israel on Saturday night.

However, the Iranian Security Council said, the Iran’s response to any further Israeli action would be “at least 10 times more drastic” than the first attack, while, Iran has chosen the least severe form of punishment for Israel.

Israel’s military leadership also said, that Israel does not intend to leave Saturday’s large-scale Iranian attack unanswered.

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