Group Advises FG To Empower Small-Holder Farmers.

Group Advises FG To Empower Small-Holder Farmers.

International management consulting firm, has advised the federal and state governments to adequately empower smallholder farmers across the country to ensure food security in Nigeria.

The group said, that small-holder farmers provide the bulk of food consumed in Nigeria, and most of these farmers lack the required tools for efficient farming.

The Agricultural Business Specialist, Sydani Group, Godfrey Petgrave, said there are numerous innovations and approaches worldwide that provide farmers with tools to improve their farming activities, as well as boost their resilience to climate change.

He disclosed this during a roundtable titled, “Driving Sustainability: A Comprehensive Analysis of Nigeria’s Key Growth Areas,” organized by the in Abuja, where it proffered solutions to challenges in some sectors of the Nigerian economy.

He also said, collaborative effort was needed from all sectors of society, and called for policy reforms and institutional strengthening that would promote sustainable agricultural practices and collaboration among stakeholders.

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