2023 ELECTIONS: PDP has to painfully obey orders restrain her from suspending Wike, says lawyer
Dr. Iorchia Ayu, PDP National Chairman

A lawyer, Barr. Abubakar Animiokhali, has said the Peoples’ Democratic Party has no option left other than painfully and patiently respecting the order restraining it from either suspending or expelling the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike from the party.


Animiokhali stated this while commenting of the decision of the Abuja Federal High Court to extending the order restraining the PDP from suspending or expelling Gov. Wike from the party. According to Animiokkhali, that is the only option left for the party.


He said, “The only option that is left for the PDP and other respondents is for them to patiently and may be painfully adhere and obey the court orders because any other of court must be obeyed until set aside.”


On whether the court will also deem action taken by Wike’s as violating it order, he said, the court is not father Christmas to generously grant to the respondents what they didn’t sought from it.


“The Idea of the court granting for PDP what Wike sought for himself is not there. The idea of the court adding to Wike is also not dear. The court will either give all that you have asked for, or almost all that you have asked for even deny it completely,” he said.


He also observed that, governor Wike approaching the court will present prayers that will only protect him.


According to Animiokhali, “It was Wike that took complain to the court. I am not sure it going to be part of Wike’s complain that he should be restrain from doing anything that will be deemed anti – party by the respondent. No litigant will do that. He is going to caugh the prayers in such a manner that only him will be protected.”


Justice James Omotosho on Tuesday after the counsel to the governor, Dr Joshua Musa, SAN, and lawyer to the PDP and others, Johnson Usman, SAN, agreed on March 6 to argue their case extended the order restraining the PDP from suspending or expelling Gov. Wike of from the party.

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