S. Korea To Start Action Against Striking Doctors.

S. Korea To Start Action Against Striking Doctors.

South Korea on Monday said it will take steps to suspend the licences of striking trainee doctors who have defied orders to return to work in a standoff over medical training reforms.

Around 10,000 junior doctors walked out nearly two weeks ago to protest against an increase in medical school admissions from next year, which is meant to help combat shortages and meet the demands of an ageing society.

The striking trainees have defied a February 29 government deadline for them to return to work or face legal action, including possible arrest or suspension of their medical licences.

Second Vice Health Minister Park Min-soo told at a press conference that despite repeated government appeals, the number returning to work “has been minimal.

The warning on Monday followed the government’s February 29 deadline for the trainee doctors to return to hospitals while remaining firm on its plan to increase medical school admissions by 65 per cent.

South Korea’s government is pushing to admit 2,000 more students to medical schools annually from next year to address what it calls one of the lowest doctor-to-population ratios among developed nations.




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