ELECTORAL VIOLENCE: Benue PDP secures conviction of campaign materials vandal
Bemgba Iortyom, Benue PDP Publicity Secretary

The Benue State chapter of the Peoples’ Democratic Party says it has secured the conviction of a young man caught in the act of vandalizing its billboard in Makurdi, the state capital.

The party’s state Publicity Secretary disclosed this on ATN politics while reacting to allegation by the All Progressives Congress, that the party had engaged thugs and miscreants to destroy their billboards across the State.


He said, “A young man has been apprehended by good citizens within the Wurukum area of Makurdi, caught red-handed in the act of vandalizing a PDP billboard. We were alert to that effect, he was handed over to the police and the police called our attention to it and we insisted that he be prosecuted and He was prosecuted.


“He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two months’ community labour here in Makurdi, it is there in the record. We secured the first conviction of vandalisation of campaign materials.”


Mr. Tortyom says the PDP had no business vandalizing the campaign materials of the opposition party across the State. He said the posters, billboards are brooms of the APC are intact wherever they hoisted and pasted across the State.


Dennying the allegation by the APC, Mt Iortyom said, “We have no business vandalizing campaign materials of the APC. If you look at the time line between when we formally launched the complaint to the law enforcement agents that our campaign materials here in Makurdi, the state capital and in Gboko, which the next major city to Makurdi, they had vandalized and destroyed our campaign materials, from that point to now, you will discover that they, the APC have not complained about the same thing happening to them.


“How come, the major campaign materials of the APC across the state are still there? You go around, particularly Makurdi, you see their billboards, you see their flags, you see they broom that they love to swing across highways; you see all of these things are still intact.”


The PDP spokesman in Benue says APC allegation were absolute falsehood targeted at diverting attention from their purported rerun primaries.


“That is absolutely false, absolute falsehood from a political organization that has become well known for fabrication of falsehood and false narratives to paper over certain self-inflicted calamities that they have brought upon themselves. It is not strange; neither is it mere coincidence that the latest allegation of the APC in Benue state are coming on the same day that they embarked on what they call rerun of their governorship primaries,” he said.


The APC through it Publicity Secretary in the State had has accused the PDP in the state of mobilized miscreants and thugs to destroy it campaign materials. According to APC, their accusation was based on information from reliable sources. 

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