Hisbah Arrests 20 Men, Women For Bathing Together.

Hisbah Arrests 20 Men, Women For Bathing Together.

Kano Hisbah Board has arrested 20 men and women for engaging in gender-inclusive bathing in the state.

Following complaints from locals, members of Operation Kau Da Badala conducted the arrest at a recreation center on Ring Road.

According to Mujahidin Aminuddin Abubakar, the deputy commandant general of the board, the offence was against the Hisbah legislation, which prohibits bathing in water with people of either gender in the same space.

He expressed his concern about the act, saying that it could have been substituted with something better that would have brought them blessings from God.

In addition to urging parents and guardians to closely monitor their children’s whereabouts, he stated that the suspects would face appropriate punishment when the investigation is concluded.



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