Robinho Appeals To Avoid Brazil Jail Time.

Robinho Appeals To Avoid Brazil Jail Time.

Lawyers for former Manchester City and Real Madrid footballer, Robinho, who faces a nine-year prison sentence in Brazil for rape have filed an appeal with the Supreme Court.

Robinho, who is 40 years of age began his jail time “immediately” in Brazil after he was sentenced in an Italian court for taking part in the 2013 gang rape of a woman at a Milan nightclub, when he played for AC Milan.

His legal team requested that the Supreme Court postpone the sentencing decision, made by Brazil’s highest appeals court, to allow time to challenge the legality of Robinho’s impending imprisonment, while Robinho is first convicted of rape by an Italian court in 2017 and later lost an appeal in 2020, after having his nine-year jail sentence upheld by Italy’s highest court in 2022.

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