RSHA To Further Amend Local Government Law.

RSHA To Further Amend Local Government Law.

Rivers State House of Assembly at its 118th Legislative Sitting, on Monday, gave First Reading to the Rivers State Local Government (Amendment) Bill, 2024.

Presenting the Bill, the Member representing Omuma Constituency, Sylvanus Nwankwo averred that the Bill seeks to further amend the Rivers State Local Government Law No 5 of 2018 and other matters connected thereto; adding that the Bill has four clauses and when passed may be cited as the Local Government(Amendment) Law, 2024.

Also, the House debated on the Rivers State Education (Return of Schools) (Amendment) Bill, 2024 after the Bill was read the Second Time.

Leading the debate, the sponsor of the Bill, Tekenari Granville urged his Colleagues to support the Bill which merely seeks the return of  Kalabari Girls High School, Buguma to the government, because it was originally built through community effort  several years ago; but was erroneously categorized and ceded to  church as Mission School in 2005.

He stated further that after the school was ceded to the Church, it was abandoned, and the previous administration in the State graciously renovated the school to its present enviable status.

Contributing to the debate, other Members expressed their support for the Bill, stating that the school should be returned to the Government for better management.

They added that the school is now well positioned to cater for the educational needs of the female gender in Asari Toru Local Government Area and beyond.

Commenting on the Bill, the Speaker, Martin Amaewhule commended the Sponsor of the Bill, stating that the Bill is a people oriented Bill, which is the hallmark of the Tenth Assembly.

The Speaker explained that the intendment of the Bill is innocuous, because it simply seeks to return the Kalabari Girls High School, Buguma to the government.






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