Lawmakers Plan To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage.

Lawmakers Plan To Legalize Same-Sex Marriage.

Lawmakers in Thailand have taken a historic step closer to marriage equality after the lower house passed a bill giving legal recognition to same-sex marriage.

It is now waiting for approval from the Senate and royal endorsement to become law, and it is expected to happen by the end of 2024, making Thailand the only South East Asian country to recognize same-sex unions.

The new law, which was passed by 400 of 415 of lawmakers present, will describe marriage as a partnership between two individuals, instead of between a man and woman. It will give couples equal rights to get marital tax savings, to inherit property, and to give medical treatment consent for partners who are incapacitated.

Under the law, married same-sex couples can also adopt children, while, the lower house did not adopt the committee's suggestion to use the term "parents" instead of "fathers and mothers" Thailand already has laws that ban discrimination over gender identity and sexual orientation and is, seen as one of Asia's most LGBTQ+ friendly nations.

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