Entrepreneurs Demand Enabling Sustainable Policy.

Entrepreneurs Demand Enabling Sustainable Policy.

Stakeholders and small business owners have called on the government to put in place sustainable policies targeted at small businesses in Nigeria to help them grow.

They identified poor electricity supply, taxation and unfriendly business demands from government officials as parts of the challenges inhibiting the growth and contributions of small businesses, which they describe as the engine of Nigeria’s economic survival.

Speaking at the fourth edition of NIFESAF Business and Career Expo 2024 in Lagos, the Global Chairman, NIFESAF, Fred Nnadike said, SMEs need an enabling environment to be able to thrive said, grants would help business owners realize their dreams of expanding their businesses for export and make Nigeria’s economy a better one, adding that, SMEs’ tax rebates would go a long way to help, coupled with a conducive environment for them to operate in.

According to Vice Chairman, NIFESAF, Lagos Chapter, and Chairman of Planning Committee for Economic and Career Expo 2024, Mrs Chika Alison, what attracts small business owners to the association is that they are poised to partner with the government, and advised the government at the centre and sub-national to improve on human capacity development and promote skill acquisition.

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