Nigerian Doctor Loses Licenses Over Sex Free Botox Injections.

Nigerian Doctor Loses Licenses Over Sex Free Botox Injections.

United Kingdom-based Nigerian doctor, Tijion Esho, has lost his medical licenses after being found guilty of giving free Botox injections in return for sex.

Esho is known for his medical opinion and commentaries on cosmetic surgery discussions was also regularly consulted on Body Fixers for E4 until the summer of 2022.

He is the founder of the Esho Clinic, which also has locations in London, Liverpool, and Dubai and has a host of celebrity clients.

While appearing before a Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service, he confessed to an improper emotional relationship with the woman, referred to as Patient A, with whom he exchanged “inappropriate” sexual messages on Instagram, and argued that he never had any physical sexual contact with Patient A, who provided sex services via OnlyFans and webcams. It was reported that the tribunal also ruled that, at a consultation months earlier, he had stroked her hair and rubbed himself against her after he made inappropriate comments about the shape of her bottom.

The tribunal also established that the doctor, last year, made similar remarks to Patient A and allowed her to masturbate him, while, the tribunal found Dr Esho’s fitness to practice was impaired because of his misconduct and the tribunal announced that Esho’s name should be removed from the medical register. The tribunal’s reasons for imposing the sanction will be released next week.

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