Obi Says APC, PDP Internal Crises Worse Than LP.

Obi Says APC, PDP Internal Crises Worse Than LP.

2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, says the problems in the ruling All Progressives Congress and the People’s Democratic Party are worse than those in the labour party.

He said, the Labour Party is grappling with an ongoing attempt by the Nigerian Labour Congress to unseat its National Chairman, Julius Abure, and take it over, while, there is Lamidi Apanpa, a factional leader, who is contending for power with Abure.

Obi, who disclosed this in Abuja, said the Labour Party would push all the issues behind it and emerge stronger, adding that, he was not obsessed about replacing President Bola Tinubu as the next president as being speculated.

Obi came under fire a few days ago after he faulted the Federal Government’s timing and prioritization of the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project, and advised that the government should concentrate on fixing bad roads across Nigeria instead of striving to construct a white elephant project like the major coastal road.

Obi expressed his disappointment, stressing that some people often shy away from discussing pressing issues plaguing the country, adding that, he would do things differently by focusing on repairing existing roads as against approving contracts for new ones.

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