Group Begins Immunization Of 3.4m Children.

Group Begins Immunization Of 3.4m Children.

As part of efforts to reduce child morbidity and mortality rates, a Non-Governmental Organization, Sight-savers Nigeria, has set up machinery to immunize 3.4 million children in Sokoto and Kano states.

The Country Coordinator, Trachoma Sightsavers, Dr Tevil Wanyii-Msheila, who disclosed this at the unveiling of Safety and Antimicrobial Resistance of Mass Administration of Azithromycin 2 Project in Sokoto.

Wamyil-Mshelia said, children between one and 59 months were being targeted, adding that the SARMAAN 2 Project was initiated following the success achieved in the SARMAAN 1 project, adding that, during SARMAAN 1 Project, no fewer than 1.3 million infants within the age bracket were administered with drugs in 52 local government areas in the six implementing project states of the federation.

She also said, the mortality in children below five years remains a global challenge, especially in low and middle income countries, while Nigeria is among the major contributors of under-five mortality.

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