NOA, PTAD Partner To Enhance Grassroots’ Sensitization.

NOA, PTAD Partner To Enhance Grassroots’ Sensitization.

National Orientation Agency and Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate have agreed to work together to embark on grassroots sensitization on pension.

NOA Director-General, Mallam LanreIssa-Onilu and a team, led by the Executive Secretary, Dr. Chioma Ejikeme, met at the agency’s headquarters in Abuja to leverage the NOA’s proven platforms to promote pension.

The DG of NOA, MallamIssa-Onilu, expressed happiness that the Directorate had approached the right agency with the mandate, competence, structure and capabilities to conduct grassroots sensitization across the country, adding that, the importance of supporting pensioners, highlighting their significant contributions to the nation is a privilege, and those who enjoy it must receive the necessary support.

While, speaking on the imminent launch of the National Value Charter, he also shared the new platforms the agency has introduced for MDAs to communicate their activities effectively to Nigerians, including the Explainer, the Mobiliser, as well as the agency’s robust database with diverse demographic data, and the upcoming television and radio stations.

The PTAD chief appreciated the DG for providing valuable platforms and making them available for their use to serve Nigerians better.

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