Senegal Heads For Open Presidential Poll Sunday.

Senegal Heads For Open Presidential Poll Sunday.

Seven million Senegalese are due to head to the polls on Sunday to vote in a wide open presidential election following weeks of chaos and uncertainty.

Whoever comes out on top will be tasked with steering the traditionally stable West African nation out of years of turmoil, and managing revenues from recently discovered oil and gas reserves.

The 18 men and one woman have until Friday to finish a raucous two-week campaigning period, which was dramatically shortened after a last-minute change to the election date.

The election race was also fired up by a rapidly-passed amnesty law that led last week to the release from prison of Bassirou Diomaye Faye and the charismatic Ousmane Sonko, figureheads of the anti-establishment opposition.

Although Faye is Sonko’s deputy, the former is on the ballot because the latter has been barred from standing.

In the central town of Diourbel, many people have faith in Sall’s candidate, Amadou Ba.





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