Accord Party Suspends Chairman Over Anti-Party Activities.

Accord Party Suspends Chairman Over Anti-Party Activities.

Accord Party in Osun State has suspended its chairman, Victor Akande for alleged anti-party activities.

The suspension of Akande was contained in a resolution by six executive committee members of the party in the state during an emergency session in Ile-Ife during the week.

The suspension was also ratified by 13 local government chairmen who were in attendance at the meeting.

According to a communique signed by all in attendance, the party members accused Akande of partaking in party activities without carrying other members of the state executive and acting dictatorially.

They also revealed that the action was taken because the embattled Accord chairman failed to respond to the allegations levelled against him.

The statement alleged that, “Victor started some intrusive, obnoxious and misleading behaviors that had split the structure of the party.

The resolution however stated that Akande’s suspension would last until he clears the air on all the allegations leveled against him convincingly.




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