President Paul Kagame Decries Sad Events In 1994.

President Paul Kagame Decries Sad Events In 1994.

Rwanda's President says the international community failed the people of Rwanda, as he marked 30 years since the 1994 genocide that killed around 800,000 people.


President Paul Kagame who disclosed this while, addressing dignitaries and world leaders who had gathered in Rwanda's capital, Kigali, to commemorate the bloodshed said, Rwanda was completely humbled by the magnitude of the loss.


He said, on this day in 1994, extremists from the Hutu ethnic group launched a 100-day killing spree, in which members of the Tutsi minority and Hutu moderates were slaughtered, adding that, the Tutsi forces who took power following the genocide were alleged to have killed thousands of Hutu people in Rwanda in retaliation.


In a speech later, Kagame thanked fellow African countries including Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania for their assistance in ending the genocide, stressing that, many of the countries representing here also sent their sons and daughters to serve as peacekeepers in Rwanda.


According to Rwanda, hundreds of suspects remain at large, including in neighbouring nations such as DR Congo and Uganda, while, President Kagame has been hailed for transforming the tiny, devastated country he took over through policies which encouraged rapid economic growth.


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