Expert blames impact of flood in Adamawa, others, on NEMA, FG's failure to prepare early despite warning

An environmental expert and ecocentric tutor, WONNE Afronelly has blamed the impact of the flood recorded in Adamawa, Anambra, Edo, and Delta States on the failure of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) and the federal government to prepare ahead given the early warning they received.

Recall that the death toll as announced by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) over the weekend hits 38 in Adamawa (37) and Anambra (1) following the flood that submerged Communities within the states. Other states recently hit by the flood include, Edo state, Delta State, Bayelsa state, among others.

Reacting to this, an environmentalist and ecocentric tutor, WONNE Afronelly blamed the government for it's attitude towards tackling challenges. She said that after the last experience in 2012, there was enough time for the government to prepare for a similar experience but failed to, and so the people have to suffer.

Afronelly said, " between 2012 untill today is 10years. If in 2012 you experienced flood, 2013 you experienced flood, 10years consistently, you're experiencing flood, you're always being displaced and you come back, that alone should well up something in your spirit to be antagonistic against the government of the day, because, it's the same story, the only is the figures. So, in 2012, 300 person's lost their lives. 2013 - 250, you think it's minimal, 2014 is 400 and it keeps going, but there's graph of loss of lives and people displaced. At a time, they say over 500,000, over 300,000 already dead."

"Meanwhile, there is a postulation that 32 states out of the 36 states in Nigeria will experience flood this year. What have the state governments done, what have the commissioner for environment, water Resources, regional planning and all that, how many states do we see these commisisioners come on air to sensitize the people? what are the local government chairman doing? If 233 local government areas are projected to experience flood and high risk of the impact, what have they done?"

"Now, there's the government of the day, maybe people don't know, let me use this opportunity to enlighten them that the derivation funds 2.32% off the entire federation fund is given to the ecological office what they call the ecological funds in Nigeria. The mandate is to bring to the nearest minimum, disasters, natural hazards. There is the ministry of Humanitarian affairs and there is also the other MDAs, the National Emergency Agency, there is the North -East body, there is about 5 MDAs that share this funds."

"NEMA gets 20% of the remaining that is meant for the federal government.i was going through the bill for 2021 and I saw that NEMA got about 2.3billion for the year."

"The question is after the projection for 32 states, what did NEMA put in place?"

"There are stages for disaster management, you have to prepare. What measures did they put in place to avert the. At the level of state,how prepared are they to. Since say March, April, May they already know, it means they already know. By April, May they already know, then you ought to have sensitized the people, because people need to know their roles and people don't have to wait for the flood to swallow to them. It is at that point where mitigation comes in after the people have been aware that this is what is going to happen. So, you relocate to the people to safer zones. It is at that point you provide relief materials. Not when the people are already dead."

"So, at the end of the day, I see this NEMA and other MDAs that are for the Management, reducing disaster in the country as a money making venture" she added.

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