Georgian Lawmakers Exchange Blows In Parliament.

Georgian Lawmakers Exchange Blows In Parliament.

Exchange of block has erupted in Georgia’s parliament over a controversial foreign influence law.

The massive brawl occurred inside the Georgian Parliament during heated discussions over a law deemed Russian-esque by critics.

The legislation under debate will compel media and non-commercial organizations to register as being under foreign influence if they receive more than 20 per cent of their budget from abroad, while, hundreds of protesters have been rallying outside the Parliament while it discussed the law in the juridical committee.

Mamuka Mdinaradze, the head of the Georgian Dream Party faction, was punched in the face while giving a speech by MP Alexander Elisahsivili, while, Elisahsivili accused Mdinaradze of being pro-Russian.

Its critics also said, that passing the law would obstruct Georgia’s aim of joining the European Union, which issued the country’s long-desired candidate status last year, while, they proposed law is similar to one that the governing Georgian Dream party was pressured to withdraw a year ago after large street protests.

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