APGA Supports Otti On Abolition Of Ex-Governors’ Pension.

APGA Supports Otti On Abolition Of Ex-Governors’ Pension.

All Progressive Grand Alliance, has supported Governor Alex Otti and the Abia State House of Assembly for abolishing the law that recommended pensions for former Governors of the state and their Deputies.

The party’s National Vice Chairman, Reverend Augustine Ehiemere and the National Organising Secretary, Emmanuel Igbokwe, in a statement, acknowledged the courage of the governor and the lawmakers in repealing the pension law which the party described as self-serving, adding that, the abolished law was never in the interest of the people but “only protected the selfish interest of the few that made themselves so rich at the expense of the people.” insisting that the state’s resources should be deployed evenly to promote public interest and developments.

APGA, urged the governor not to renege in his campaign promise to clear the backlog of pension arrears of Abia retirees and salary arrears of workers owed by the previous administrations, and commended the governor for his efforts to develop the state.

He also cautioned the governor’s media handlers against unnecessary media propaganda regarding the 24-hour power supply controversy.

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