Cardiovascular Disease: Nigeria Cardiac Society Decries Increase in Cases, Limited Cardiologists

The Nigeria Cardiac Society (NCS) has expressed concern over the increasing rate of cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria.

Nigeria cardiac society was speaking in Abuja through its National President Okechukwu Ogah who said about 33 percent of adult population in Nigeria have high blood pressure which is one of the causes of cardiovascular disease.

According to the NCS, the Northwest and North East region of Nigeria have a case of heart failure from every 100 women after childbirth. 

Ogah also said that government must ensure poverty as one of the causes of the disease is drastically reduced. 

Speaking further Mr. Ogah stressed the need for regular checks as the entire adult population in Nigeria does not know that they have High Blood Pressure, one-third of those with High Blood Pressure are not on treatment also one-third of those are not under control.

He also charged government to prioritize the health sector especially Universal health coverage and health insurance as a means of preventing the disease.

Dr Obby Emerole the president, cardiovascular education foundation spoke on measures that can be take to prevent cardiovascular disease by lowering blood pressure, identify hypertension, treating it and controlling it early, avoiding smoking and intake of alcohol as well as managing stress among others.

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