Afghanistan Heavy Rains kill 70 Persons.

Afghanistan Heavy Rains kill 70 Persons.

Elsewhere, around 70 persons have been killed by heavy rains lashing Afghanistan over the past five days.

According to the governments, disaster management department on Wednesday, Afghanistan was parched by an unusually dry winter which desiccated the earth, exacerbating flash-flooding caused by spring downpours in most provinces.

Disaster management spokesman Janan Sayeq said approximately 70 people lost their lives as a result of rains between Saturday and Wednesday.

He said Fifty-six others have been injured, while more than 2,600 houses have been damaged or destroyed and 95,000 acres of farmland wiped away.

Giving a smaller death toll last week, Sayeq said most fatalities at that point had been caused by roof collapses resulting from the deluges.

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