Nurse Accuses Hospital Of Negligence Over Wife, Son’s Death.

Nurse Accuses Hospital Of Negligence Over Wife, Son’s Death.

Registered nurse anaesthetist, Prince Ovwiomodiowho, has accused a private hospital in Lagos State, R Jolad Hospital, Agege, of alleged negligence and failure to provide adequate care, which reportedly led to the death of his wife, Loveth and unborn son, already named Jason.

The distraught man said, his late wife started ante-natal at the hospital in 2023 but reportedly bled to death on March 8, 2024, shortly after undergoing a caesarean section, and insisted that, the lack of a competent surgical team and equipment were factors that contributed to the untimely death of his wife and baby.

He lamented that long hours of induction led to the rupture of his late wife’s uterus, causing heavy bleeding, while, the hospital claimed not to be aware that his wife was bleeding until she collapsed, started gasping for air, as well as foaming from the mouth and later, became unconscious.

He further said, “My wife was bleeding and the hospital claimed they were not aware until she collapsed and started gasping for air with extremely low blood pressure and severely compromised vital signs.

He also claimed that, efforts to get his late wife’s uterus, which was removed during the surgery were not successful, adding that, the death of his wife and son was avoidable and unnecessary.

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