ELECTORAL VIOLENCE: Analyst urges FG to establish electoral offences commission to address election violence
President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigerian President

An analyst, Mr. Philip Nyam, has urged the Nigerian government to take serous the establishment of electoral offences commission to address the issues of election violence.


Mr. Nyam gave the charge on ATN Politics while comment on the report of of the Centre for Democracy and Development on the just concluded governorship elections.


He observed that the courts are overwhelmed with other cases and should be relief of additional burden of electoral violence. 


He said, “When it comes to prosecution, if these cases goes to the regular courts it would take a long time before they report because there are so many other cases in the court so it's high time the government established electoral offenses commission to handle issues coming out of the elections.”


Speaking on the spat of violence witnessed and the role of INEC and security agencies, he said, it is the role of security agencies to curb electoral violence, however, they are overwhelm giving their liming numbers.


He used the occasion to called for recruitment of addition security agents to enhance their performance.


“How would INEC now stop violence during elections? That is the function of the security agencies. Well, you can also see from the field that these security agencies were also overwhelmed. I saw in Lafia yesterday after the announcement of the results. I saw the protests that were going on and I saw that you will see a crowd of over hundred protesters and you see just pockets over a few policemen. Some of these thugs are armed to the tooth,” he said.


CDD in their report observed that the violence witness during the election undermined the effective performance of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

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