President Faye Names Sonko As Prime Minister.

President Faye Names Sonko As Prime Minister.

Left-wing pan-Africanist, Bassirou Diomaye Faye has announced his mentor, opposition figure Ousmane Sonko, as prime minister.

Faye, has never previously held an elected office. He swept to a first-round victory on a promise of radical reform just 10 days after being released from prison.

He took the presidential oath in front of hundreds of officials and several African heads of state at an exhibition center in the new town of Diamniadio, near Dakar.

He then returned to the capital, with his motorcade greeted by hundreds of jubilant residents who lined the roads leading to the presidential palace.

Just hours later, his new administration appointed firebrand opposition leader Sonko prime minister.

Sonko, was at the center of a two-year stand-off with the state that triggered bouts of deadly unrest.





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