Quinnipiac’s Poll Says Biden’s Lead Over Trump Vanishing.

Quinnipiac’s Poll Says Biden’s Lead Over Trump Vanishing.

New poll by Quinnipiac University says President Joe Biden’s slight lead over former President Donald Trump is vanishing.

This happened despite Trump’s ongoing criminal trial in New York City related to the 34 counts of falsifying business records he’s charged with, which began last week with jury selection and moved into opening arguments this week.

The former President has pleaded not guilty to all charges and the presidential race is to be in a dead heat with Biden and Trump tied at 46% support.

Biden and Trump remain tied at 37% with the inclusion of independent presidential candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (16%) and Dr. Cornel West (3%) and the Green Party’s Jill Stein (3%) and those numbers mark a significant closing of the gap for Trump, who trailed Biden 48%-45% in Quinnipiac’s March poll.

Meanwhile, Biden’s job approval remained dismally low at 35% support, down from 37% in March, while 61% said they disapprove of his job performance, up from 59%, while, the charges Trump faces in his ongoing New York trial, a plurality of 46% said they believe the former president did something illegal, while 45% said he didn’t.


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