Stakeholders Want Improved Smes Funding.

Stakeholders Want Improved Smes Funding.

Stakeholders at the 2024 Green Finance Conference are calling for increased funding for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, as well as more effective strategies for addressing climate change challenges.

A statement by the Green Finance Conference provided a platform for all stakeholders, including government representatives, senior executives of financial institutions, and key regulatory-policy stakeholders, to dialogue and showcase the many advantages that Green SMEs could contribute to the economy of Nigeria.

Group Chief Executive Officer, Jules Ngankam, said, the Green Finance Conference is a crucial response to the challenges posed by climate change within a framework of National Determined Contributions with a focus on providing enhanced expertise to Africa, and proposed practical solutions to addressing financing for smaller and medium-sized enterprises committed to green growth and climate-resilient development.

The conference training on Green Finance for Financial Institutions with a focus on the green financing value chain, risk assessment, and regulatory requirements necessary to meet the rising demand for climate adaptation in Nigeria.


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