Peter Pellegrini Is Elected Slovak President.

Peter Pellegrini Is Elected Slovak President.


Populist Peter Pellegrini has been elected president of Slovakia, succeeding the liberal Zuzana Caputova.


Pellegrini, defeated the pro-Western Ivan Korčok, a former diplomat, with 53% of the vote, while, a former prime minister, who is an ally of Prime Minister Robert Fico, shares the PM's dovish attitude towards Russia.


Slovakia had been one of Ukraine's staunchest allies before Mr Fico came to power in October on a pledge to halt supplies of Slovak Army military stocks to Kyiv. With Mr Pellegrini replacing Mrs Caputova, Ukraine has now definitively lost a voice of support in an EU and Nato capital.


Fico has called for an end to Western military support for Ukraine, an immediate ceasefire, and peace talks with Moscow.


Mr Pellegrini's campaign echoed some of that Moscow-friendly rhetoric, accusing Mr Korčok of being a warmonger who would send Slovak soldiers to fight in Ukraine, a constitutional power the president does not have.



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